Friday, 1 July 2011


Thanks for all your suggestions a little while back regarding the choice of a small gift for the little Asian boy that I have been escorting to school in a taxi for the last two years.

I eventually settled on a Colouring/Activity Book, Stickers and lots of coloured pencils and felt tip pens.They seemed to go down well.

On Wednesday he had to say goodbye to a teacher who had been with him for practically his entire school career. She's a nice woman in her thirties and as she knelt down to give him a kiss, a hug and a nicely wrapped present she burst into tears and had to retreat to a Staff Room.

My young friend didn't seem too fazed by this at the time but, later, in the taxi going home, his top lip started to wobble. I wanted to tell him that saying goodbye to the people that matter gets easier as time goes by but we all know that that's not true and so, instead, I settled for tickling his ear and, being seven years old, that seemed to do the trick.

Perhaps I shall wait until he starts his new school and send him a card to wish him well. Maybe it would be a good thing for him to know that though friends can't always stay in your orbit,often they can find ways of reaching out to you!


  1. I think you made a wise gift choice and do send the note once he starts his new school.

  2. Sending a card is an excellent idea. Is there no chance of seeing him again as well?

  3. What a kind-hearted person you are.

    I, too, hold a number of jobs (house cleaning, banquet serving, test/examination giver -- even sit as an artist's model) and I've always loved the scope of the people and experiences found there.

    I'm sure you've been a lovely influence in this boy's life.

    Glad you found me. I've tried to "follow" you, but it appears blank to me... I'll be back.


  4. Goodness, you are a kindly man. Good for you for extending such friendship to the wee boy. Found you through the Pearly girl - looking forward to reading more from you.