Monday, 13 August 2012



Well that's it then! No more self delusion. No more beating about the bush. I have
at last faced up to the truth and, in doing so, the proverbial weight has dropped from
my shoulders!
  My small Epiphany came up a back street in Aberdeen - no, dear readers, this is
not going to get sordid!!!  I was engaged with my "day job" of selling advertising space
in small local publications on a commission only basis. Things were not going well. In fact
they were not going at all, so I adjourned to a bar to get off my feet, quench my thirst and to
review the situation.
  I got more of a review than I bargained for. The truth has a way of grabbing you by the scruff
of your neck and dragging you where you don't necessarily want to go. It wasn't just this lousy
day, it was all the other lousy days. There have been two many others where I have traipsed around all
day for what amounted to, as they say in the U.S., "chump change".
  At my age EVERY wasted day is a crime. I have been doing this work to buy me time to
write - but it has done no such thing. I waste time and energy and I barely make enough to cover the expenses.
 Also, I have a bum leg which makes hours a day walking a real problem. By the end of a
working day I am hobbling along like Quasimodo on one of his "not so good days!" So, enough,
sez I.
 I am going to cut my living expenses to the bone and concentrate on writing. I have a part time
job taking disabled children to school. It only takes about an hour of my time a day and I might
just manage on what I get from that alone. Time will tell.
  I think I have made a fair start to this belated writing career. I have a short comic novella set
in Edinburgh out on the ebook format. If it goes well I shall bring it out in printed form. It has started
to sell modestly and already got 2 five star review - snippets of which appear below.
  I have set out an ambitious writing programme which includes another Edinburgh set novel and
a series of Private Eye novels - a little out of the usual - set in Glasgow.
  Well ambition is a fine thing but the "proof is in the pudding" and time alone will tell.
Wish me luck - please. I shall keep you posted. Maybe my "writer's epiphany" will bear worthwhile
fruit, after all!


"Funny, sad, poignant - a beautifully written novella. Quite an achievement"
Catherine K. Favali

"This novella is, indeed, one of life's little this fact
for yourself"
William G. Neill

The photo is of The Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh where some of the action
takes place.

ebook available from Amazon

Link for The Balloon Man directly below