Tuesday, 28 June 2011


So Summer has rolled round once more.........such as it has been so far!

I don't see the person who was such a big part of my days last Summer any more and so, perhaps, I have rose-tinted memories of the Summer of 2010.

All the same, the skies did seem bluer and the days a little more languid and relaxed. Still, memory can be an uncertain ally. It means well but does not always give you the "straight skinny".

I don't if I am any the wiser than I was then but, like most people, I have had many new experiences that have surely broadened my world view - but is that the same as wisdom? "Discuss" as they say on the exam papers.

Early this year I was lucky enough to meet many fine and talented and just plain nice people in a very short space of time and life seems a lot richer than it did in the dark days of winter. One in particular has become a close friend and something of a kindred spirit. At least I now no longer believe that it is IMPOSSIBLE to meet new people!

And so the world turns again and we have to accommadate it in its restlessness but sometimes, just sometimes, I wish it would slow down long enough to allow us to catch up!

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