Monday, 10 February 2014


Usually, I do some preparation for my postings which means sitting in a Dundee Café drafting it out before committing it to print but this morning, at the start of a new week, and sitting in one of the aforementioned cafes (Café Borsa...the best in Dundee, if you ever visit!), I read an item in my newspaper which had me rushing to my computer post haste.

 Now, I shall put my cards squarely on the table. I do NOT want so called independence for Scotland. I have no trouble, whatsoever, being Scottish and British. The English and the Scots have rubbed along very well for 300 years and so, why fix what isn't broke. Scottish Independence will take things away from me and not add a single thing to my life.

 Anyway, where previously I had thought of the S.N.P. as a bunch of whinging malcontents with a few nutters in their midst, what I read this morning shows how sinister and megalomaniac S.N.P. they truly are!

 They propose to provide a state appointed "Guardian" for every child from birth to the age of eighteen. The arrogance is breathtaking. Even Hitler and Stalin didn't quite get round to this. On the basis of there being a few dead beat or abusive parents around they want to have a presence in every family home that can be activated by nothing more than a malicious neighbour with a grudge. Decent parents (the vast,vast majority) could find themselves in some nightmarish, Kafkaesque court scenario.

 The S.N.P. have given assurances that there will be plenty of safeguards to protect the innocent but with their past record that is no comfort whatsoever.

 Couple this with the fact that Kenny Macaskill (that's the genius who freed the Lockerbie bomber) wants to do away with the need for corroborative evidence in Criminal Court Cases and you can see that the outlook for democracy in Scotland does not look good.

 It breaks my heart to think that the country that gave the world Robert Burns, Adam Smith and the Declaration of Arbroath is governed by people such as Alex Salmond.

Alex Salmond

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