Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Apologies for the gap in my posts (might have been a relief for some though). I am afraid that I do not even have a good excuse. It's not as if I have been doing anything particularly exciting - like travelling the world or single handedly saving the rainforests!
  No, the days have just drifted by in that inexorable way that they have. I have drunk a lot of coffee, stared out of coffee shop windows a lot, watching the world go by (mind you, that bits O.K. as it's one of my favourite pastimes).  You can get too much of a good thing, though, and so I decided to reconnect with the big bad world again.
  There I was, wracking my brains looking for something to write about. I was "all at sea", floundering in the waters of non-inspiration when, quite unexpectedly, dolphins swam to the rescue and nudged me to the shore. Aren't extended metaphrs wonderful?
  Seriously, though, I was greatly cheered and jolted out of my lethargy by a story about the aforesaid dolphins in my local newspaper. Every year in May they visit the mouth of the River Tay and can be seen from Broughty Ferry where I live - only this year they didn't show up.
  I regarded this as yet another piece of bad news to add to the avalanche of bad news - Syria, the failing Euro etc that has hit us all recently.
  However, I needn't have worried. They arrived safely in June, (hence the newspaper story) playing around their favourite haunts and generally cheering the locals up.
  And now a tiny bit of the world has been set to rights again!


  1. That picture makes me want to jump and swim!

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