Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Dear Readers I have something of a quandary which I hope that one of you can help me with!

As I may have mentioned before I have a portfolio of part-time jobs to keep body and soul together (such is the lot of the free lance writer). One of these involves escorting a seven year old disabled Asian boy to school in a taxi.

My contract ends in June because the littl
e boy is going to a specialist school on the other side of town.

Here's my quandary: I have known this little boy for two years and grown rather fond of him. He faces all his difficulties bravely and cheerfully and I'd like to get him some small gift as a token of my affection and a memento of our time together.

But what!!!

It wouldn't be appropriate to spend too much. I was thinking about five or six quid -six or seven U.S. bucks. The child is Muslim so I will have to be careful not to offend any sensibilities. Also in these Politically Correct times I have to be very careful not to give anyone the wrong idea.

So what do you think? Is there wise counsel out there? Should I get my little friend an innocent treat or let the whole thing pass, be extra cautious, bend my knee to political correctness and see a little boy robbed of a small but happy moment?


  1. Breathes there a boy with soul so dead that he wouldn't like a little toy bus or taxi of his own, as a concrete wish that he will always have a way to get where he needs to go?

    Alas, I know nothing of Muslim sensibilities as regards the accepting of gifts to children from people outside the family. Is there anything that stands in the way of inquiring with his parents or guardians if it is all right to give him asmall remembrance?

  2. Yes, asking the parents first might be wise. What about an age-appropriate book (easy reader) on a topic he's interested in.

  3. Maybe just a grab bag of assorted little goodies, each wrapped in some tissue paper -- a chocolate bar or two, some gum, a few interesting pencils/pens, a little notepad... and a card saying goodbye and best wishes...?

  4. Books are always a good idea. Or perhaps a jigsaw?

  5. Do tell us how this came out!

  6. Perhaps a blank book and colored pencils with a little note from you.