Tuesday, 1 March 2011


For me, Spring is the most poignant season. Some might argue that Autumn should hold that title, what with the last of the leaves and the onset of the "dead season", but, no, for me, it's Spring.

There is something about the idea of rebirth that always brings a lump to my throat and, with every passing year, it seems to get more pronounced.

We find ourselves, once more, marvelling at the first signs of new life. We didn't think that winter would ever end, particularly this year, but it has and so we watch eagerly for the first flowers to poke their head above ground and it always seems to symbolise hope. And hope IS poignant, isn't it?

Hope tells you that even the things that you thought had died within you can be re animated - even hope itself!

The other day I saw a line of still bare trees outlined against the blue sky and scudding Spring clouds, their branches waving in the breeze as if beckoning to the leaves that will come to them shortly. Hope joined with faith, then!

So this is probably as good a time as any to start this new blog. I've recently had a disappointment in the romance stakes and, like a lot of people who are not exactly in the first flush of youth, I find it hard to meet ladies and so, to console myself, at least for a while, I will treat this humble effort as a place to "meet" ladies of quality like yourselves and hopefully entertain you writing on subjects which will, hopefully,be of interest to you.

All constructive comments are welcome, particularly if they are amusing.

If you want to write to me in detail, or if you have suggestions for an article or subject to be covered you can email me at johnnicollendeavour@yahoo.co.uk or, of course, you can leave a comment

John R. Nicoll.


  1. good luck :-)

  2. Ouch! Break-ups are not much fun. Hang in there and enjoy Spring and the eternal spring of hope.